Harmony Woods EARTH KIDS 
           Living and Learning in Nature and with the Arts 
  "Striving to live in harmony with the earth, each other and ourselves"

EARTH KIDS is a hands-on, one day a week, natural learning program designed for the home learner to connect with nature, animals and the arts. 

It is for children, between the ages of 7 and 11, who want a regularly scheduled time to bond with other children while exploring, discovering, investigating, observing and recording their experiences in the natural world together, and parents who are looking for a more enriching and unique experience for their children. 

We learn from the world around us, with flexibility, choice, independence and JOY, and with a slightly more structured approach, in lines with the growth, ability and interest of this age group.  

  It is my vision to connect more children with nature, animals and the arts and to instill that sense of joyfulness and inspiration in living and learning and caring deeply about our earth, striving to live in harmony with the earth, each other, and ourselves. It is available to each and every one of us and can last our whole lifetime, if we choose.

  Harmony Woods EARTH KIDS nurtures the *whole child*, the heart, mind and body, providing enriching experiences and opportunities with nature, the arts, and each other, in a respectful and nurturing atmosphere .

There is a rhythm to our days, and our activities flow naturally, reflecting the seasons, from the awakening of the earth, to its period of rest, to its awakening again.  The children become more aware of the natural world around them, its cycles and its offerings, and the many gifts within themselves, through our various endeavors and caring learning environment.

      "Rhythm is the pulse of life and it is not possible to be connected to the pulse of life within or around us unless we are connected to the natural rhythms" ~enki

  The children experience the four elements on a regular basis: fire, water, wind, and earth which allows them to make further connections about the world in which they live, and they use a myriad of art medium to express themselves and record their knowledge of it in various ways. 

                          "Every day we warm ourselves by Fire,

                                  Wash ourselves in Water, 

                                  Feel the Wind in our hair, 

                                    Walk upon the Earth."             ~unknown

  Children learn and grow naturally by *doing*, becoming more *connected* to the earth and other living beings by being richly involved in each new experience, having the time to spend in the natural world , and by delving deeper in their ongoing projects.  From animal care, to nature journaling, to building shelters, to molding with clay, each new experience enriches and expands their world.

We use organic and natural materials and quality artist supplies to experience new things, see same things in a new light, observe differences, and expresses ourselves in multiple ways.  

 EARTH KIDS is a unique learning experience with inspiration from the philosophies of Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Enki, Unschooling, Coyote Teahing and Charlotte Mason.

Earth Kids *engages* the child and makes learning *meaningful* and *joyful*   through hands-on, independent and group activity in:

       ~Nature Walks and Nature Journaling on the land- (exploring, discovering, observing,            recording in the woodlands, meadow, pond, vernal pools, gardens) 

      - Nature activities ( birding, tracking, forts, games, crafts and more)

      ~Animal Science and Animal Care (Horses, chickens, dogs, cats, wildlife) 

      ~Poetry and Stories (composing and listening)

      ~Daily Quote Journal (penmanship, free expression)

      ~Art medium and projects (intergrated arts)

      ~Journal Writing - (scrapbooking their days)

       ~Community - (group games, partners, naturalists)

      ~Self-expression (verbal, written, movement)

      ~Cultures, cultural traditions and festivals

                        and MORE

Each child will keep a binder for recording their experiences and thoughts, etc,  in the Reggio philosophy of using the many *languages* of children.

**Proceeds from my programs help me feed, house, and care for our animals***

  EARTH KIDS is located at our log home and small farm, Harmony Woods Farm 
  in North Middleboro, easily accessible from Rts. 24, 44, 18, 28, 495 and the Middleboro rotary.

Our farm is our joyful journey and consists of 12+ acres of woodlands, a pond, a ridge, vernal pools, organic gardens and a meadow. We have Haflinger horses, free-ranging hens, two roosters, Polish hens, and four cats. 

Children will need to bring a snack and lunch.
Dressing for the weather, and warmth in layers, is important.
Boots or shoes that can get dirty or wet are needed.
Extra pants and socks!
Raincoat for rainy days
Insect repellent/sunscreen for warm weather
Snow clothes in winter
Anything that will make your child more comfortable to enjoy the outdoors.

Registration forms and a deposit of 1st week tuition and supply fee will be required to secure your space, which is non-refundable .

 "As children observe, reflect, 
 record, and share nature’s    patterns and rhythms, 
they are  participating in a process that promotes scientific and  ecological awareness, problem solving, and creativity." 
                  ~Deb Matthews Hensley

Those who dwell 
among the beauties 
and mysteries of the earth 
are never alone or weary of life.  ~Rachel Carson

~ marcia simonds